Mission Statement

Broaden understanding through documentary film

At Doc Farm Films we believe in the power of a multitude of stories. Our goal is to contribute to the complexity of the world by depicting topics in a way that expands the prevailing viewpoint. We create and fund films that seek to inform rather than convince. 

At their core, Meg Smaker's films seek to make audiences comfortable with the uncomfortable. Methel Island, one of her early films, won Best Documentary at several film festivals and shifted the paradigm about meth addiction, but was rejected by all of the grants it was eligible for. Meg realized that if she wanted to tell the types of stories that shake up people's expectations, explore the taboo underbelly of issues, and contribute to a nuanced view of the world she would have to figure out a way to fund those films herself.

Meg founded Doc Farm Films to support independent filmmakers and build a catalogue of films that explore all viewpoints, no matter how controversial the issue or obscure the topic.