There is demand for independent films.

In the past decade, the independent film festival circuit has grown exponentially. The United States holds 70% of the independent film festival market. In a polarized media market, people are hungry for different sources of independent thought, for new creators of independent films. 

We are on the cutting edge of new media business models.

There is a gap between commercial films that typically receive more funding and more un-conventional films that push the envelope. Grants available for documentary filmmakers currently exist within this narrow category. A film market in which some stories are not told creates a monotone narrative. 

Doc Farm Films seeks to fund the films that don’t appear to have a quantifiable impact, are controversial, or are difficult stories to tell. Funders want to see impact and to change a situation or raise awareness on a specific view point. Through documentary film-making, we want to increase understanding of a situation, add to the cultural dialogue about an issue and give a story to those who have been denied a voice.

 Located in Silicon Valley, Doc Farm Films is at the epicenter of innovation dedicated to broadening perspectives in documentary film-making, a field that has been traditional for too long.