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Doc Farm Films

We are not trying to save the world. We are just trying to understand it.



Stories shape our perspective, expand our mind beyond our own experiences, and influence every decision we make – but when we are only exposed to a single viewpoint again and again we create an incomplete understanding of the world. Doc Farm Films funds and produces documentaries, fostering independent filmmakers who are telling stories from unorthodox viewpoints that are often ignored by mainstream media.

Your father might have told you that there are two sides to every story, but he was wrong – there are two million.

Doc Farm Films seeks to fill that gap.






Mission Statement

Broaden understanding through documentary film

At Doc Farm Films we believe in the power of a multitude of stories. Our goal is to contribute to the complexity of the world by depicting topics in a way that expands the prevailing viewpoint. We create and fund films that seek to inform rather than convince. 

At their core, Meg Smaker's films seek to make audiences comfortable with the uncomfortable. Methel Island, one of her early films, won Best Documentary at several film festivals and shifted the paradigm about meth addiction, but was rejected by all of the grants it was eligible for. Meg realized that if she wanted to tell the types of stories that shake up people's expectations, explore the taboo underbelly of issues, and contribute to a nuanced view of the world she would have to figure out a way to fund those films herself.

Meg founded Doc Farm Films to support independent filmmakers and build a catalogue of films that explore all viewpoints, no matter how controversial the issue or obscure the topic.


Meet The Team

Meg Smaker


Meg's documentary subjects read like a who's who of the underworld: Somali pirates, BDSM porn stars, crystal meth kingpins, underground fighters in Cuba and high-end call girls. She likes to explore controversial issues from an unorthodox viewpoint. Her documentaries have won numerous awards on the film festival circuit including Best Short Documentary at this year’s SXSW (South By Southwest). Meg received an MFA in Documentary Film from Stanford University, Graduate Certificate from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a BA with honors in Political, Legal, and Economic Analysis (PLEA) from Mills College. She is a published scholar and has conducted field research in Somalia, The Balkans, and North Africa. Meg has presented her fieldwork in Washington DC and was also a guest lecturer at Columbia University.  She has traveled to over 40 countries and worked in the Middle East for over half a decade.  Her extensive international fieldwork combined with her strong academic background and business knowledge makes Meg one of the most formidable documentarians of today.

 Meg recently became the president of Doc Farm Films, a nonprofit that seeks to fund and produce documentaries about controversial topics and viewpoints that are ignored by mainstream media.

Nicole Rappin

Board Member

Nicole Rappin is the Operations Manager at D-Rev, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, CA. At D-Rev, Nicole manages the organization's IRS filings to maintain 501(c)3 status, manages the annual financial audit, and writes grant proposals and reports to grantors. Nicole has a bachelor's degree from Carnegie Mellon University and studied International Business at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Nicole brings an expertise in non-profit management and grant writing to DFF from her graduate studies, her work as a Grant Writing Consultant for Caravan to Class (an international education non-profit) and her work at D-Rev.



Katherine Gorringe

Board Member

Katherine Gorringe is documentary producer, director, and editor based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She believes in the power of storytelling to inspire dialogue and envision a better world. She has worked on nonfiction productions for The History Channel and independent filmmaker Laurie Collyer, and her films have been featured on the Smithsonian Magazine website, at LunaFest, Dam Shorts Film Festival, Oakland International Film Festival, and the Festival International De Programmes Audiovisuels in Biarritz, France, among others. Katherine holds an M.F.A. in Documentary Film and Video from Stanford University and is currently the director of the Southern Exposure Film Fellowship in Birmingham, AL. 


Ashly Roaseau

Board Member

Ashley Roaseau is a formally trained Policy Analyst based in Oakland, CA. Having worked with elected officials, public administrators, and volunteered with multiple Boards and Commissions serving the City of Oakland, Ashley has extensive experience in the research and formation of public sector policies. During her time with Children Now, a children’s focused policy, advocacy, and research non-profit, Ashley was responsible for managing funder relationships on behalf of the research team as well as facilitating the dissemination of internal and partner publications, in addition to other tasks. This included proposal and grant writing as well as facilitating the marketing, communications, and operations functions involved in publicly launching a high-profile publication. Ashley has a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in Public Policy from Mills College. Ashley brings an expertise of non-profit management, grant writing, relationship management, and marketing to DFF.


MJ Rock

Board Member

Mj Rock has a long history with both non-profits and for profit organizations.  She has served on many company boards, directing management and securing viable avenues for achieving stated goals.  Mj is an avid traveler and travel agent. Her company, Blue Giraffe Travel, offers excellent itineraries for all pocketbooks. Mj brings DFF her expertise in corporate management, community service, her contacts and the respect her vast experience commands.


Iris corey

Board Member

Iris Corey has a bachelor’s degree from Mills College and has marketing and administrative experience from her work at Mills College Alumnae Relations and the Center for Social Dynamics. She also has worked in the Film Distribution and Marketing department at The Global Film Initiative, an international arts nonprofit. At The Global Film Initiative, Iris created marketing materials and organized and promoted film screenings for clientele.  Iris comes to Doc Farm Films with a background in fundraising and outreach for cross-cultural films.


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There is demand for independent films.

In the past decade, the independent film festival circuit has grown exponentially. The United States holds 70% of the independent film festival market. In a polarized media market, people are hungry for different sources of independent thought, for new creators of independent films. 

We are on the cutting edge of new media business models.

There is a gap between commercial films that typically receive more funding and more un-conventional films that push the envelope. Grants available for documentary filmmakers currently exist within this narrow category. A film market in which some stories are not told creates a monotone narrative. 

Doc Farm Films seeks to fund the films that don’t appear to have a quantifiable impact, are controversial, or are difficult stories to tell. Funders want to see impact and to change a situation or raise awareness on a specific view point. Through documentary film-making, we want to increase understanding of a situation, add to the cultural dialogue about an issue and give a story to those who have been denied a voice.

 Located in Silicon Valley, Doc Farm Films is at the epicenter of innovation dedicated to broadening perspectives in documentary film-making, a field that has been traditional for too long.



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